What’s a product film?

What’s a product film?

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Films, whether 3D or real, make new design approaches clear and comprehensible for all parties involved. We used state-of-the-art computer technology to convert concepts into moving images.

But which genre is right for your purpose?

We have looked at the 3 main film types and summarized in how they differ.

In this article we explain the:

Product film

Intelligent product films, which present and explain a product or service requiring explanation, are an important field of action by Beger Design.

The product or service of a company is at the forefront of the company’s image film and advertising film. A single product or a whole product range can be presented. The boundaries between these categories, however, need not be dogmatically adhered to, just linking the advantages of image- and advertising film makes the product film so interesting.
A product film can be used in the marketing and distribution of an offer or in company presentations.

With a product film, you have the opportunity to go into depth and accentuate the qualitative advantages of their products in detail, to inform the customer optima and, ideally, to address them on an emotional level.

Eg.: B.BRAUN – Irypump

In our next blog post we explain the explanatory film.