What’s an explanatory film?

What’s an explanatory film?

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Films, whether 3D or real, make new design approaches clear and comprehensible for all parties involved. We used state-of-the-art computer technology to convert concepts into moving images.

But which genre is right for your purpose?

We have looked at the 3 main film types and summarized in how they differ.

In this article we explain the:

explanatory film

Products and services that are complex and need explanation can be a hurdle for customers and consumers. It has to be overcome – for example by a film.

A typical explanatory film is an animated film that rarely lasts longer than 2 minutes. As a rule, the goal is to convey a difficult situation easily to the audience. Perhaps you offer a complicated service or a particularly innovative product, the utility or function of which is not immediately accessible to the consumer. In order for your target group to be inspired by your offer, you have to explain it to them. The best way to do so is with an explanatory video!

Anyone who relies on storytelling and packs the message into a striking story also contributes to the emotional attachment of the audience to his company with his explanatory film. The best way to do this is with a friendly main character with whom your target group can identify, or even questioning the target group at the beginning of the video with a question such as “Do you know that even if ..?”. This allows the viewer to decide whether to fall into your target audience and actually need your product.

Eg.: BOWA – ARC 400 help video