Interactive Videos and On-Demand Informations

Interactive Videos and On-Demand Informations

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Interactive Videos and On-Demand Informations

Interactive videos by BEGER DESIGN

In traditional videos, the target audience is mostly passive. In contrast, interactive videos involve the viewers in the action.

Our interactive videos, so-called hotspot videos, are films whose course you can influence by clicking on interactive elements (icons).

If you activate one of the appearing icons by clicking on it, the main film pauses and an “overlay” appears in which you are shown additional information in the form of a film, a graphic or a text insertion for the respective component.
You decide which additional information/overlays you want to see and which you do not.

Examples of overlays can be: explanation of product components, explanation of functions, tips on the product, application videos, testimonials (user opinions, expert opinions), …..

It becomes exciting when these “overlays” are integrated for different markets or countries individually for the respective target groups.

Interaktive Videos