One input – maximum benefit

One input – maximum benefit

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Everything from a single source - maximum benefit from your input

Different departments in your company need different material to communicate your company and products internally and externally. Wouldn’t it be nice to get maximum benefit with minimum input?

We at BEGER DESIGN create added value from your input. We create high-quality images of your products, bring your products to life with high-end computer animations/visualizations, create image and product films in which we combine real film with animation, and build interactive applications that will delight you and your customers. All from one source.

How does it work?

We would like to go through this once with 3d construction data as an example. But of course we can also use existing image and film material to create various applications.

CAD is nowadays the most important tool in the development of products. However, the potential of this CAD data, which is available anyway, is only fully exploited in a few companies. Yet different applications can be created quickly and easily from the same CAD data set, with a high benefit for marketing/sales, PR, service, internal and external training and maintenance.

One Input max Outcome


We can generate all kinds of images from your CAD data. Photorealistic images as well as sections through products, X-ray images or stylized views with dimensions. There are no limits to creativity.

Learn more about “Images from CAD data/render quality” in one of our next mailings.


Of course, we can also create high-quality animated films from your CAD data that give your product the desired positive image or explain it in an understandable way. For this we use the same data as for the illustrations.

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Interactive applications

Interactive app

From the existing 3D data, we create interactive apps in which the prospective customer can playfully click through the product variants and product details. A configurator can also be implemented for complex products with many variation options.

Augmented Reality

We at Beger Design develop augmented reality applications from your CAD data, in which the viewer can experience your product for himself at any location. Without the viewer having to download an app.

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Interactive video

Another way to engage viewers is with our interactive videos.
In traditional videos, the target audience is usually passive. In contrast, interactive videos involve viewers in the action.