Alles aus einer Hand

Everything from a single source - maximum benefit from your input

The different departments in your company need different material to communicate your company and your products internally and externally. Marketing and sales need images for brochures, an image film for the next trade fair or an augmented reality application for the Internet. The PR department would like some product photos with cutaways and interior views for the product launch and the academy would like interactive videos to demonstrate to customers how to use your equipment. The service department would like to support their staff with an interactive application for servicing the equipment to help minimize errors and the maintenance department needs sketches of assemblies and components.

Wouldn’t it be nice to get maximum benefit with minimum input?

At Beger Design, we create value from your input. We create high quality illustrations of your products, bring your products to life with high end computer animations/visualizations, create image and product films combining real film with animation and build interactive applications that will delight you and your customers. All from one source.

What is the reason for this?

We would like to run through this once using 3d construction data as an example. But of course we can also use existing image and film material for the creation of various applications.

CAD is nowadays the most important tool in the development of products. However, the potential of this CAD data, which is available anyway, is only fully exploited in a few companies. Yet different applications can be created quickly and easily from the same CAD data set, with a high benefit for marketing/sales, PR, service, internal and external training and maintenance.

One Input max Outcome


Images are needed in many ways to present your product. Whether in brochures or flyers, on websites or social media, in assembly, installation or production instructions, images are the backbone of any product presentation.
We can create all kinds of images from your CAD data. Photorealistic images as well as sections through products, X-ray images or stylized views with dimensions. There are no limits to creativity.
The advantages of creating images from CAD data are obvious. Realistic product images can be created while your product is still in the development phase. New images can be created quickly in case of design changes, since the setting is already available. Images can be created in any size. Also wall prints for trade shows.

You will learn more about “Images from CAD data” in one of our next mailings.


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Of course, we can also create high-quality animated films from your CAD data that give your product the desired image or explain it in an understandable way. To do this, we use the same data as for the illustrations. In fact, however, the way is usually the other way around. Our customers order a computer animation, from which we then extract images for print media in the appropriate resolution.
Of course, we can also create training films for internal and external purposes. E.g. assembly, installation or repair instructions. These films can be called up from a PDF file, for example, to show individual important steps in detail in moving images. This helps to reduce errors.

Interactive applications

Likewise, interactive applications can be created from your CAD data. It is generally known that interaction increases the viewer’s attention and the content is better remembered. Active participation in a presentation appeals to several senses of the viewer at the same time. If several senses are addressed simultaneously, the respective experience is more intense. If the experience is more intense, information is better stored in long-term memory. And that is what you as a manufacturer/product manager/service provider want to achieve.

Interactive App

From the existing 3D data, we create interactive apps in which the prospective customer can playfully click through the product variants and product details. A configurator can also be implemented for complex products with many variation options. Technical information about the product, basic medical knowledge, detailed operating instructions and the possibility to place your order directly are just some of the features of the app.

Augmented Reality

We at Beger Design develop augmented reality applications from your CAD data, in which the viewer can experience your product at any location. Without the viewer having to download an app.
Augmented Reality (engl. to augment = extend) describes the computer-aided extension of the perception of reality. My perception of reality is thus augmented/enriched by additional, computer-generated information.
These augmentations are usually three-dimensional objects that can be viewed interactively from all sides in the respective user environment. But of course there are also extensions where only sounds are played. For example, the ingredients can be read aloud when the smartphone is pointed at a food package.

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Interactive Video

Another way to engage viewers is with our interactive videos.
In traditional videos, the target audience is mostly passive. In contrast, interactive videos involve viewers in the action.
Our interactive videos, so-called hotspot videos, are films whose information content you can expand by clicking on interactive elements (icons).
If you activate one of the appearing icons by a click, the main film pauses and an “overlay” appears, in which you are shown additional information in the form of a film, a graphic or a text insertion to the respective component.
You decide which additional information/overlays you want to see and which not.
Examples for overlays can be: Explanation of product components, explanation of functions, tips for the product, application videos, testimonials (user opinions, expert opinions), …